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In this update we added the Chinese animal zodiac sign to the current year. The zodiac repeats every 12 years. Each year is represented by an animal and its reputed attributes:

Rat: Wisdom 2008 Ox: Industriousness 2009 Tiger: Valor 2010 Rabbit: Caution 2011 Dragon: Strength 2012 Snake: Flexibility 2013 Horse: Forging ahead 2014 Goat: Unity 2015 Monkey: Changeability 2016 Rooster: Being constant 2017 Dog: Fidelity 2018 Pig: Amiability 2019


Use Dated Notes to remind you of important events. It is a Universal Windows app. If this app is installed on two or more Windows 10 devices, each instance of the app can share the same data on OneDrive. In the screens below, the screen on the left is from a desktop PC, the screen on the right is from a Windows 10 phone.

Main Screen


This app will display the time difference between today and the note’s date. If the difference is less than 24 hours, hours/minutes are shown, else years/months/days. Today’s date and time are shown by three analog clocks: date/day, week/24hour and 12hour clock. In addition the meteorological season and the Zodiac sign of today’s date are shown.

Use the PREFS to set North or South Hemisphere.

This app displays meteorogical seasons. In order to be consistent and to make forecasting easier, meteorologists divide the year into 4 meteorological seasons of 3 months each: SPRING starting March 1 and ending May 31, SUMMER starting June 1 and ending August 31, FALL (AUTUMN) starting September 1 and ending November 30, WINTER starting December 1 and ending February 28 (February 29 in a Leap Year).

Seasons in the Southern Hemisphere are opposite to those in the Northern Hemisphere. For example, under the definition of astronomical seasons, the June Solstice marks the start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere but the start of winter in the Southern Hemisphere. The same rule applies for the other three seasons. Similarly, the meteorological seasons in the Southern Hemisphere are opposite to those in the Northern Hemisphere.

Dated Notes can be placed in groups. Use the PREFS to change the default names of the groups.

When scheduling repeating events, the start start date-time must be in the future. Repeating events will never show in the past. One-time events will appear in the past when expired.

Dated notes can be created, edited and deleted at any time. Event notification is optional.

New and Edit Screens


Press the + on the main screen to create a new note or tap a note to edit its contents. Note content must not be empty. Select a group for the note, select a time interval if the note is to be rescheduled, and set notification if one is desired.

At this screen, an existing note can be deleted.

Preferences Screen


At this screen, set North or South Hemisphere, and change the names of the groups.

OneDrive Screen


At the OneDrive screen, once you have logged into your Microsoft account and have gained access to OneDrive, you can upload local files or download files from OneDrive.

Calendar Screen


The calendar for the current year is shown upon entry to this screen. Tap > or < to change the year.

About Screen


Tap the link on this screen to visit the app’s website (this site), or go to the Microsoft store to rate and review this app.

If you have comments, suggestions, problems, please contact us.